Why engineering companies love steel buildings

Industrial steel buildings – the perfect solution for engineering companies

One of the biggest advantages of industrial steel buildings is their sheer versatility. They are suitable for a whole range of different uses – production, storage, admin, sales … the list is endless. And for an engineering company that wants to keep all aspects of its operation under one roof, this is a particular benefit.

When you look at traditional bricks and mortar premises, they very often have just one application. Changing their usage and/or their internal structure is no easy task. When you want more versatility from your buildings, they tend not to be very accommodating.

Industrial steel buildings, on the other hand, offer exactly that kind of freedom to mix usage, adapt the internal layout and run the whole operation under one – admittedly pretty large – roof. Not only that, but – provided you have room on site – your premises can expand as required.

Incidentally, don’t think that by having the entire business in one building, you won’t be able to have a glossy reception area and impressive meeting rooms. The beauty of a steel framed building is that you can fit it out in whatever way you choose. You can have a fancy high-tech boardroom down the corridor from a basic – although clean and secure – stockroom, or an open-plan sales office steps away from a production and testing area.

Steel buildings offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to putting in doors and windows. That means you can have different entrances for different areas of the operation. You can have a practical delivery area with room for wagons to back up and unload, and still keep your main entrance landscaped and welcoming, for visitors and clients. If you need an area to have a lot of natural daylight, you can have that. Don’t think all that glass will mean it’s overheated in summer and chilly in winter, either. You can install insulation, and also the same kinds of air conditioning and heating systems you would in any other building.

If you have the capacity, you could even rent out office space to the contractors you team up with most often. That really will take things to the next level!

If, up until now, you have considered steel buildings to be the kind of places that work best as factories and warehouses, think again. And, if you run an engineering company and you’ve been wondering how to keep the team all together, industrial steel buildings might just offer the perfect solution.

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