Why choose steel?

There are many good reasons why steel is the obvious choice for your next building project and in this blog we’re exploring five of the key reasons to select steel.

1. Cost efficient

Steel is one of the most cost-efficient choices you can make and is also strong and more durable than other materials. With pre-engineering steel buildings, you can keep the amount you spend to a minimum. The other plus point for steel is that is can be assembled and erected fairly easy, which often save on the cost of labour as well as on the material itself.

2. Strength and durability

Steel is a strong material made up of iron and carbon, giving it a high tensile strength.  It doesn’t absorb moisture, which it means it won’t be prone to mould, termites or other vermin, and stands up to harsh environmental conditions far better than wood. No matter what the elements throw at steel from heavy snowfall to gale force winds, you can be confident in its stability.

Furthermore, steel can be coated with an aluminium compound that prevents it from rust damage and will ensure it lasts a lifetime. What’s more steel is non-combustible so it won’t be destroyed by fire.

3. Good for the environment

Steel is a versatile, energy-efficient building material, Steel requires fewer natural resources than wooden construction materials making it an energy-efficient choice.  Wood, on the other hand, easily absorbs moisture making it prone to dry rot as it ages which causes weakness and decay.

If you want to make a green choice, steel is 100% recyclable and it can be reclaimed from cars, buildings, ships and many consumer products.

4. Versatile

Steel is highly versatile and can work for many different building types. It can be used in many different industries and works well for any design. Steel can be constructed in almost any height, width and length and works well with almost any other type of material. It can also span distances that wouldn’t be possible for a wooden construction, making it the perfect choice, particularly if you are planning to expand the business.

5. Energy Efficient

Steel buildings are much easier to insulate much than wood-framed buildings which makes them energy efficient, saving on heating and cooling costs and overall energy usage.

When you take all these factors into consideration, steel is the obvious choice for your next building. Whether you are building a workshop or expanding your farm, steel is the perfect material. Steel will stand the test of time without costly maintenance and is a choice you will be grateful for as the years go by. For more information about how we can help contact us now.

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