What’s underfoot?

What’s UnderfootImagine a building with no foundations. Would you want to work in it? Spend time in it? Even step foot inside it? It’s doubtful. It just wouldn’t feel safe. And you certainly wouldn’t want to base a business inside it, with employees who could be hurt and equipment that could be damaged should the worst happen and the building start to fall.

Foundations are a critical part of any building, and without proper foundations your building has the potential to collapse; it’s the same with anything in life – proper preparation will give your building (or business, or holiday plans, or anything else) strong, well thought out foundations that will mean your building will stay up, stay safe, and stay exactly as you originally specified it to be.

DPL are experts when it comes to erecting and installing steel buildings; they offer a full service from footings and foundations to final fixtures – although if you are confident and happy to do it, it is perfectly possible for customers to design and build their own footings.

Having a professional design and building your steel building from top to bottom has a number of advantages however. The footings completed by experts such as DPL are guaranteed to be correct, and therefore won’t slow your build down or mean that you end up paying more and more money due to delays and re-working. If someone else completes the initial footing work and it’s wrong, perhaps it will be noticed ahead of time. This means that the footings can be changed, but there will of course be a cost implication. But what if it isn’t noticed? If that’s the case then the cost to rectify later problems will be much higher and, in the worst cases, the entire structure may have to be demolished.

Another advantage of using professionals to work on your building plans is that it will be completed on time and on schedule – when everything is planned in advance, and when the same team is working on the footings and the building itself, the timeframe for completion will be as short as possible, with no problems handing over to another team.
You will also have peace of mind. All you need to do is specify the building you want, order it and deal with the planning applications. After that, there is nothing to think about – you know an expert team is carrying out the work, using their own professional plans, and you’ll have the support of the DPL team behind you to help you with any queries or questions you might have. You won’t have any stress, and there won’t be any fuss.

So what are you waiting for? Call DPL for a quotation and you’ll be on your way to having the ideal steel building for your needs.

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