Want construction work done safely?

Want Construction Work Done Safely?It’s not a question that needs a lot of time to find an answer – of course you want all of your construction (including the erecting of steel buildings) done safely. It’s essential not just for you as a business owner, but for your employees and members of the public too. If something were to go wrong, the business would suffer as a consequence; and all that needed to be done at the beginning was to make sure that all your construction work was done properly.

The HSE has produced an excellent booklet that details exactly what should be done and by whom. This construction guide is ideal for ensuring that everything is done the right way the first time.

It is all about the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. These regulations deal with the safety of construction work, and are important to be aware of.

The regulations state that there are legal duties that anyone (except domestic clients) who is having any kind of construction work done must adhere to. It explains that, as you will be ultimately responsible for the build (and in charge of what is happening) it is down to you to ensure that all health and safety rules are being followed. Depending on how high or low the health and safety risks are dictates how much you really need to do.

The basic strategies for preventing accidents and incidents are:

  • Hire only the people who are right for the job. Check references and experience. Make sure they understand the project from the beginning and are competent.
  • Make sure that the build has sufficient resources to be completed safely (ie with no corners cut).
  • Create a timeline that can be adjusted in necessary and that does not mean the project have to be rushed.
  • Make sure there is good communication between you and the team you hire to complete the build. Miscommunication can be a big cause of accidents.
  • Ensure that the building site has enough adequate welfare arrangements for your workers.
  • Check the design thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Create a health and safety plan and ensure that it is followed.

If the above measures (at a minimum) are not put in place then the likelihood of an accident – which could be serious or even fatal – happening is increased.

The team at DPL undergo regular training to ensure the highest standards of health and safety are met. Our processes and procedures have been designed to minimise risk to buildings and personnel during the construction phase or erecting a steel building.

If you are concerned about the health and safety implications of erecting a steel building call one of our experts today on 01664 882441. You can also read about our steel building safety features here.

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