Time to expand – don’t move, use a steel building

Extending Storage Space with a Steel Building

Don’t move…extend your current space …

Your business is growing – literally – and you need more space. Whether it’s because you need room to house more employees comfortably, a bigger warehouse space, or a combination of the two, you’re probably thinking that you need to move.

What a hassle.

It’s expensive too.

But what else can you do? It’s either that or stunt your business’ growth by staying put. So you start hunting around. There are plenty of places out there you could go to, but the perfect ones are out of your budget, and the ones that you’re more comfortably paying for aren’t quite right. They’re not big enough, they’re not in the best location, they’re not made for people to work in for hours at a time…

And even if and when you do find something that will do (be prepared to compromise, of course), then comes the expense of moving. Whether you hire a removals’ firm or take the time to do it yourself, you’re losing money and time when you could be doing other things, like finding new customers and building new contracts. And the problems don’t end once you’ve moved either; now you need to make sure everyone who needs to know has your new address. And your stationery will need to be updated. And your website. And the post will need to be redirected. And on it goes…

But what if there was a way you could expand your business without moving? And what if it was less expensive and much less hassle? You’d do that, wouldn’t you? After all, you get to stay where you are, where you are comfortable, where you customers know how to find you, and use the space that would otherwise go to waste.

One way to do that is to buy a steel building from DPL.

Our commercial steel buildings are made for exactly this situation, and since we make it so simple for you to order your bespoke steel building, and since it is so easy and cost effective for businesses to use them, we are sure you’ll agree that contacting DPL for your expansion needs is an excellent idea.

Our steel buildings are fast to design and put up, flexible when it comes to use, easy to maintain, durable, and long lasting, so once you’ve got your steel building, you can move in and enjoy it without any disruption to your business or your cashflow.

And of course there are other benefits – that’s why steel buildings are so versatile and popular! They come with up to 25 year warranty, which is unheard of in the construction industry. They are cost effective and flexible. They come primed and painted or Galvanised – all you need to do is keep it clean. They are great for the environment since steel is 100% sustainable, and we ensure that at least 40% of the steel we use is recycled. If you want to expand further in the future, you can add to your existing steel building. And they are made by British suppliers and manufacturers giving you peace of mind that your new steel building is reliable and of the highest quality.

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