The evolution of steel buildings

Steel Building ImageIn this blog we’re taking a look back at the history and progression of the magnificent steel building. Steel framed buildings have become increasingly common and have many uses including industrial facilities, warehouses, homes, retail stores and many more.

A brief history

In 300BC crude steel was first invented by combining iron ore with other materials and reheating it and a type of steel, stronger than iron, was invented. In the eighth century cast iron and wrought iron were first used for civil engineering and the earliest known use of steel was a suspension bridge in China.

Steel became much more available and affordable in the second World War, making it a more popular way to build. This popularity grew and grew because of its incredible versatility and one of the first modern uses of steel was in train stations.

Why steel is so popular

Steel is popular because of its affordability and ability to expand, growing with a business.

There are many advantages to steel buildings, including:

  • It is a sound material that is manufactured to rigorous specifications and tolerances.
  • It is environmentally friendly because any leftover material can be recycled.
  • It won’t easily warp, buckle, twist or bend making it incredibly versatile and flexible.
  • It doesn’t corrode like other materials.
  • Steel is easy to install.
  • As the price of steel usually stay the same, steel building prices are very cost effective.

What’s next for steel?

As in any industry, there are always new trends on the horizon. The steel industry is no exception and due to emerging technologies, we are using more folded steel which gets its strength from the way it is folded this is called cold rolled steel, it uses less quantity of steel and is cheaper to produce. Our buildings use both older and new technologies. The cold rolled steel is also very good for modular construction, which is set to become more popular as new technology advances.

Steel is the go-to material for any construction work and DPL Steel Buildings can help you with all your steel building needs. Find out more about how we work here.

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