Repairs and refurbishment

Looking to adapt, repair or refurbish a building?

Our steel cladding team can help transform your tired, old steel frame building to a fully watertight and attractive unit again – one that can work hard for your business and that you can be proud of.

What do you need?

  • To create lettable units from an unused agricultural building?
  • To adapt a building that you could use more profitably for a different purpose?
  • To update a building that’s showing its age, perhaps it has leaks that are causing damage, or peeling paint?

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From recladding to restyling, get yourself a smart building again

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you make the most of your existing building.

  • Re-cladding it – freshening it up and making it waterproof again
  • Insulation – whether you want to protect stock more effectively or create a better working environment, improving/adding insulation can help you save on heating bills in the long run
  • Over-cladding – we can do this when the cladding isn’t too damaged. As with the re-cladding, we’ll give you a smart new look and a watertight building
  • A wide choice of colours and profiles – to match your location or company branding
  • Adding new doors or windows – to upgrade the building or adapt its use
  • Asbestos sheet disposal – we can advise you on the means of disposal (which will always be through licensed waste removal facilities) and take care of it for you – whether that’s through our own trained, certificated staff or specialist contractors.

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We pride ourselves on thinking about extra value for you…

For example, we’ll consider whether you could re-skin over an existing single skin sheeting and insulate at the same time. This would provide a lower cost insulated building to look like new, while also saving on heating, and stopping damage to your stock from leaking roof sheets. We have plenty of ideas for giving you extra value. Just talk to us.

What’s more, with DPL, refurbishment or repair is probably a shorter process than you imagine. We understand you’ll want to keep disruption on your site to a minimum for staff and customers, and our systems are set up to achieve just that.

Arrange your free site survey

Free of charge, we’ll carry out an initial site survey, and take time to understand your requirements. That way, we can advise on the best solution and provide you with a detailed quotation, so you know what to expect from us.

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Insurance work?

If your building has been damaged or has burnt down, we’re experienced in helping with insurance-based projects. We understand how to liaise with assessors, and we can deal with as much as possible of the process at what’s probably a stressful time for you. Be reassured – talk to our experts.

Your next step

Contact us about any steel building repairs, recladding or refurbishment you need. Without any charge to you, we’ll come and do a site survey so we can understand what you want, and provide you with a quote.