Industrial & Commercial Steel Buildings

Designed to last longer, look better and work harder

Need more space for a growing business or planning to replace a building that’s past its prime? Get the quality, cost efficiency and reassurance you need from DPL. We’ve built hundreds of steel buildings for industrial and commercial use:

Industrial Steel Buildings

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  • Manufacturing units
  • Workshops
  • Maintenance buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings

…and many more.

“From cradle to grave DPL held our hand, giving us advice and guidance throughout the project…”

Keith McEwan – Committee Member Rothley Park Golf Club – Rothley, Leicestershire

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With DPL, you’ll have real value built in

For a start, your building project won’t cost you more than it should. That’s because we take the time to get to the heart of exactly what you need. Plus, we guarantee that the price we quote is the price you pay – you won’t have any hidden extras along the way. And you’ll have the reassurance of a no quibble guarantee. Read more about the tangible benefits of working with us.

“When taking on a new contractor we considered price, but it was also important to know we were dealing with a reputable company and hearing from some of their previous customers allayed our fears. I was impressed that you do what you say when you say you will do it.”

Roger Murfin – Head of Services Students Maintenance workshop – Wilsthorpe Community School – Long Eaton

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Here’s how our total solution can help you…

You’ll have everything you need to get your building up and running in one solution. So, you can deal with your business while we look after every stage of the project. We know from experience that our thorough approach to planning is the best way to give you a harder-working building for a better price.

Let’s talk – so you can build confidence in our knowledge, our reliability and our prices – and we can really understand what you need.

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We’ll get to the heart of all this and more:

  • Do you have specific requirements such as a loading bay, temperature control or other features? We’ll show you how we can incorporate them.
  • Do you have to adhere to requirements from external bodies? We’ll help you stay compliant.
  • We can create wide spans of space or, alternatively use columns for cost effectiveness.
  • Want offices? We can advise you what else you’ll need, such as washrooms.
  • Looking for ideas to increase the working area? We can advise on whether you could have a mezzanine floor to make the most of the building’s height,
  • Want to create a more attractive building? We can suggest style features for you.

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“Good local firm, done on time as we were in a rush!! To good standard, not the cheapest but good.”

Gates Garden Centre

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Added value at every stage

You’ll also have the reassurance of our meticulous process. For example, where should windows go to best suit you? We can position them to let in more light and provide a more attractive feature.

In fact, you’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to windows, doors, finishes, partitioning and more. We can also make proactive recommendations on issues like:

  • Do you need clear access? Installing large roller shutter doors is just one of the options we’ll look at for you.
  • Looking to prevent potential damage to your building from forklift trucks? We can create internal barriers.
  • What kind of storage do you need? Racking for parts? An area for vehicles or machinery repairs? We’ll design your building around your requirements.
  • What do you need from your internal flooring? For maintenance, repair and cleaning, a power-floated concrete floor’s the best choice:
    • It’s less prone to cracking and is also water and shock proof
    • It’s ideal in areas where there’s heavy traffic
    • You can easily remove stains
    • It offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance in an industrial setting
    • It gives you a smooth and sparkling surface for years to come.

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“DPL are very competent and have a great understanding of finding the best solution for a clients requirements.”

JC Engineering

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A free DPL planning consultation at our offices is an invaluable way to start creating the building you want for a cost efficient price. It’s also the perfect opportunity to look round our buildings, meet our experts and pick our brains before you make your decision. Call us now on 01664566119 without obligation to discuss it, or learn more about a steel building planning consultation.