Steel Buildings for Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses

Drive your engineering business forward with the right steel building

You’re planning to make a significant outlay in a building that’s practical, efficient and comfortable. Invest your time and money with confidence with DPL. Our experience will support you to achieve the building you’ve imagined – one that will be a valuable asset for your business.

You can have it designed your way for your requirements, meeting the needs of your business now and for the future.

From drawing board to working engineering building

We’ll use our proven process to create a high-quality steel building for your engineering company with all the productivity and workability you’re looking for.

Here’s how:

DPL Engineering Steel Building Process

1. Discovery – to maximise your investment. We design you a building by bearing in mind anything that could make a difference in the day-to-day running of your business. Everything you need, from access, health & safety and lighting to power, extraction, gantry cranes and much more will come under the spotlight. We’ll look at whether the space needs to be versatile for different uses. We’ll consider issues such as whether you’re going to be there for the next twenty years or looking at an exit strategy in five.

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2. Budget – for a competitive cost with no surprises. Your project will be planned in complete detail down to the last bolt, including every element required, from access and safety equipment, to waste disposal and delivery. We’ll listen to your business requirements and your budget. We won’t over-specify your building, we’ll simply supply the best value solution we can for what you need.

3. Drawings – for planning permission. You don’t need to find an architect to do the drawings. With DPL, you’ll have complete continuity from specifying and creating plans, to building erection. The understanding we build up during the process will enable us to recommend cost-efficient changes to your design while meeting your needs from the building.

4. Planning – just the service you want. You can handle the planning process yourselves, or we can use our experience to smoothly undertake the liaison and admin for you – whatever suits you best.

5. Adjustment. It may be that we’re required to make changes to fulfil requirements for planning consent. You can rest assured we’ll very carefully consider any amendments needed to the design or the build and advise you what impact they’ll have, if any. We’ll always bear in mind your goals for the building and your business – helping you overcome obstacles without compromising on the result.

6. Budget. If changes are needed for planning or other requirement, our value engineering approach will put budget, including how we can minimise any impact, at the heart of our deliberations too. If we see any opportunities to make savings, we’ll advise you of those.

7. Build – your building delivered on time.Your project will be run by a DPL Contract Manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the build. They’ll be responsible for keeping you informed, and for ensuring your project stays on track and that every stage of your build meets our stringent quality standards. Our teams are experienced, trained and construction certificated. All this makes sure you receive a high-quality solution and a service with minimum fuss and maximum peace of mind.

8. Handover support when you need it. You’ll be invited to inspect the finished building to confirm you’re happy with everything before we issue the final invoice. Our teams take pride in their work and will also undertake a full quality check before final handover to you.

9. Maintenance.Steel buildings need very little maintenance but we can give you guidance on the kind of care that can add longevity to your building. We’ll also carry out a free maintenance inspection 12 months after completion if requested.

DPL Steel Building Design Process - Stage 10 Warranty

10. Warranty – a solid steel guarantee. If anything’s wrong with our construction of your building, anything at all, we’ll fix it for you. This includes providing a 2-year workmanship guarantee. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your steel building will be legally compliant as it’s fully CE-marked.


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“We chose DPL as they are a local business and provided a comprehensive quote. DPL were very good throughout the design, planning and build process, I really couldn’t fault any of the staff including the people who came on site. Everyone onsite and in the office were very flexible when changes were required.”

Robert Howard, Exchange Engineering, Grantham

What do you need from your new building?

Engineering Company Steel Building Outside

Our experts are here to guide you through the steel building requirements specific to engineering companies

As an engineering company, there are many issues to consider for your new building. When you work with DPL, we’ll guide you through all those.

These are just some of the issues we’ll help you work out:

  • Access roads and traffic planning – making it practical for your vehicles and safe for pedestrians. We’ll use our experience to think of everything – even down to details like grating that’s suitable for heels as well as lorries (an issue we’ve had to consider!)
  • Security – when it comes to restricting or enabling access, we’ll suggest different options.
  • Doors – where should they be for both practicality and safety?
  • Building layout – we’ll look at the safe, efficient layout of machinery. Does your building need to be sectioned into areas? Does your racking need to be close to machinery for efficient use? We’ll also consider aspects from health and safety to access and walkways.
  • Power requirements – it could be under the floor, fed through ducting or another option, depending on the footprint of your machinery.
  • Lighting – do you need solutions to suit different areas of the building? How should we balance natural light v. artificial light for practicality and budget?
  • Office requirements – we’ll look at issues of bringing in clean water and taking out waste water, safe access, heating and lighting and more.
  • Extraction/ventilation – do you need to get heat or fumes away? Do you want to keep any part of the building warm all year round?
  • Roofs – we can show you options to reduce insulation needs, if required.
  • Flooring – does it, for example, need to be non-slip? Does it need to have a fast-dry finish?
  • Walls – we can adjust the wall structure to account for issues such as ducting. We’ll also engineer the framework of the building to make sure it can carry the weight of any crane rails you need.

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“We chose DPL because we have worked with them before and they were very helpful and knowledgeable about steel buildings. The finished build was neat, tidy and blended with the surrounding buildings. The engineers who were sent to site needed very little input from us and everyone involved in this project is really pleased.”

Lindsay Arnold, Project Manager, Cobra Engineering, Lincolnshire

Of course, your building is unique to you

Make your investment a sound one – work with DPL for proven and effective experience of creating new steel buildings for engineering companies. We’ll look after the whole process for you, minimising your time and hassle while maximising your investment with a building that gives you just what you’re looking for.

Ready to start the ball rolling on a no-obligation quote for your building? Get in touch now. Alternatively, call a DPL expert on 01664566119 for an informal chat.