Agricultural Steel Framed Buildings

Agricultural buildings  – the space you need on your farm, quickly and cost effectively

How do we make sure you get the steel building you want and need for the most cost effective price? Because we design your farm building precisely for you. Then we back it up with a service that takes care of everything for you, so you can focus on running your farm.

The price we quote you for this is the price you pay – there won’t be any hidden extras or add-ons along the way. Read more of the top 10 benefits of a DPL steel building.

What agricultural building do you need?

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From farming to steel buildings…

When we tell you we understand your challenges as a farmer – we really are speaking from experience. Our directors, brothers David and Peter, have had their own farms, so offer you expertise built on 20 years in agriculture plus 20 years in steel buildings. To discuss what you need, get in touch.

“We knew we were dealing with a family owned and run business – they were only a phone call away.”

Jones and Sons – Manor Farm, Theddingworth

Grain stores – helping to protect your yield

A grain store is probably the biggest building investment you’ll ever make on your farm. We know – because our directors have bought them for their own farms in years gone by! All this knowledge means we can build you a new grain store that’s meticulously designed:

For maximum space and loading capabilities so you can get more grain in

  • To help you to keep your grain in tiptop condition
  • To help keep vermin and condensation out
  • To minimise the light so birds aren’t as attracted to the building
  • With floors that are easy to sweep and keep clean
  • To double up, if required, as a machine store
  • For long-lasting value.

How do we achieve all this? Because, based on all our experience, we know what questions to ask to be able to create exactly the right solution.

“DPL offered me advice about the different options and arranged for me to look at another metal-based grain storage system they’d installed. I found it fascinating.”

Jonathon Flint, Rutland

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How else can we help you optimise your grain store?

Talk to our experts to create the optimum environment for your grain store:

  • Do you want a drying floor – to help grain maintain its condition?
  • What size doors do you need?
  • Should you have fans in the gable end to help maintain grain quality?

These are all points we’ll go through with you in a free, no-obligation meeting with us. We know from experience that it’s the best way to give you a better building for a better price.

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Livestock buildings or dairy units – helping to protect your animals and your bottom line

We know that, as a capital investment, a new building is a big decision. Our service aims to help you get a return on your investment fast. Read more top reasons to choose DPL.

Whether you’re looking to expand, grow or make your work life easier, a DPL livestock building or dairy unit is built on our farming background and steel building expertise to give you a hard-working space for your cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry that:

  • Works effectively with your yard (how you move livestock, load vehicles and more)
  • Helps create the most effective conditions for your animals – for example, making sure it’s well ventilated, to help you enhance milk yields
  • Is right for your feeding regime – including ways to help you keep feed dry, thereby reducing cost of wasted food
  • Meets regulations for slurry and waste management and makes sure water and effluent drain correctly
  • Is designed for the welfare of your animals
  • Helps to protect you from hidden on-going costs of poor ventilation
  • Can be designed for a secondary use/future growth, if that’s more cost effective.

In fact, we’re always looking for ways to make it as cost efficient for you as possible. Livestock buildings rarely require insulation, so we wouldn’t quote you for that unless there was a good reason.

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“When we decided to expand our farm we had no hesitation about using DPL, we had known them for a long time and trusted them to do a good job…We liked the fact that we were able to alter the building specification to achieve what we wanted in the final building.”

Jones and Sons – Sheep and cattle building Manor Farm, Thedingworth

Make sure you get answers to all your questions when you’re planning for your new livestock building. We’ll go through them with you in a free, no-obligation planning meeting. We know from experience it’s the best way to give you a better building for a better price. Call us now on 01664566119 to ask any questions – or to arrange your meeting.

Machinery storage – helping to protect your investment

  • Will you double up your grain store as a machinery store?
  • Are you looking for a standalone machinery store – perhaps with a workshop too?

Either way, we can design your building to agricultural standards and for practical farm use. Read more about standalone machinery storage options.

Straw barns – helping to protect your harvest

While your straw barn will probably be an open structure, we’ll still look at how we can make it work hard for you. That’s why, with DPL, you can expect a durable steel building that maximises your space and offers you quality and cost efficiency; helping you to protect your straw through the winter.

To give you the building you need, we’ll consider:

  • The size of your bales and your stacking machinery so we can design it to get in as many bales as possible
  • Whether you want to use the building to keep the weather off machinery and animal feeds too
  • How it works with the flow of your farm.

Plus you’ll enjoy all the usual benefits of working with DPL, including the total service that leaves you free to get on with your work, the thorough approach that enables us to make sure that the price you get is the price you pay, and a no-quibble guarantee.

“…we were looking for a new building to house our straw stock it was their reputation that made us choose them again. We also went with DPL because they are trustworthy…”

Robert Spencer – GH Spencer and Son, Farm building for straw storage – Thorpe Arnold, Melton Mowbray

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