Steel farm buildings – how their use is evolving

Farm Steel Framed Buildings Open Sided

Farm Steel Frame Buildings

If you’re a farmer, we’re confident you’ll have at least one – and probably several – steel farm buildings on your land.

Arguably the biggest draw when it comes to constructing steel buildings on farms is their versatility. Not only are they quick to raise, but it’s easy to extend and adapt existing structures. Add to that strength, durability and cost-effectiveness, and you’re on to a winner.

Over time, the use of steel farm buildings has evolved, and that process continues today. There’s more to steel farm buildings than open-sided structures! Barns, storage, office space, and even residential properties, in some cases, may be found on agricultural land. You can buy the building and erect it yourself, hire a firm to take care of everything for you, from design through construction, or apportion stages of the project, as appropriate.

And of course, once you have a steel farm building, you can adapt it as the needs of the business change. They are incredibly versatile structures. For example, we know of cowsheds that have been turned into catteries and kennels, and barns that have become stable blocks.

In 2010, DPL Steel Buildings built a barn for Jonathon Flint, who runs a farm in Rutland. He contacted us again, recently, when he wanted to adapt the use of the building and install an air floor. We gave Jonathan the opportunity to see a metal-based grain storage system we’d installed for someone else, and to discuss the benefits with the farmer concerned. That done, we talked some more with Jonathan and then came up with a practical, cost-effective solution.

Jonathan said: ‘For budget reasons, we did part of the work ourselves, but DPL built the vast majority and mediated between the design and the fitting. It was the dovetailing (into our own work) that really helped. Most of them have worked on farms previously and understood the idiosyncrasies.’

He added: ‘So, we have replaced an awkward old system with a modern, streamlined one. It looks smart and tidy and it’s less time consuming. The grain store is also for the next generation.’

And, of course, if the next generation wants to change the store to suit the evolving needs of the business, we’ll be ready to help them with that transformation, too.

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