Why are steel buildings good for farmers?

Why Are Steel Buildings Good for Farmers

Agricultural Steel Buildings – keeping crops, animals, and equipment is safe and sound

Farmers work hard. They are out in all weathers, they don’t get days off, and without them we’d be in some serious trouble when it comes to our food and drink! Farmers also need to know that their crops, animals, and equipment is safe and sound when they finally do get to go to bed at night, so having a secure and appropriate building – or buildings – is essential.

Imagine if hay or grain was stored in a leaking old shed. Imagine if cattle or pigs or hens were housed in a draughty barn. Imagine if tractors and combine harvesters were locked up in a garage that was far too easy to break into. It could spell disaster for the farmer, the farm, and the people who rely on the produce that comes from the land.

That’s why so many farmers are moving over to steel buildings. Agricultural steel buildings can be used for livestock, hay barns, crop storage, dairy units, workshops, and machinery and equipment storage. Each unit can be built to your specifications, your sizes, your needs, and each one can be different to the last – at DLP we don’t insist on minimum order sizes or costs; we work with your budget and your requirements to get you what you want.

We understand that different buildings on a farm are going to need different specs, and that’s not a problem. For example, if you need a cattle shed, you also need excellent ventilation – you might have your own ideas about this, but if not, we can certainly suggest some innovative, versatile ways to ensure your cattle are kept safe and healthy.

You know your grain store needs to meet the quality assurance scheme, and using one of our steel buildings will mean you can easily meet the requirements without getting a headache because of the red tape and building issues. Our buildings are easy to maintain, can be specified without skylights, can have specialised louvered ventilation, and even spill plates of the grain walling, so there will be no issues with the quality of the product kept within.

As for workshops and machinery storage, our units are secure with extra layers (literally) of protection including insulation, 10 point locking heavy duty doors, high speed doors, fire doors, roller doors, and even the chance to add a security system such as burglar alarm and CCTV. It’s entirely your choice, and that’s what’s so great about using steel buildings on your farm.

By using steel buildings, farmers can use one supplier to provide all of their units, making kitting out your land cost effective and simple. We’re happy to discuss what you need, and give our input – after all, we’ve done this before. Between us, we can combine our expertise to create the ultimate in farm storage.

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