Steel buildings are cold, uncomfortable, and only good for storage… aren’t they?

Steel Buildings Are ColdWell that seems to be the perceived view of steel buildings. Whether it’s because people (wrongly) believe that they are only temporary structures, or because the word ‘steel’ itself denotes a cold and chilly atmosphere, or even because they’ve been in a steel building themselves, and didn’t find it particularly comfortable, mention that you want to build one and you could well get some funny looks.

But that’s only because people don’t know exactly how versatile and useful steel buildings can be. Of course, they can be used for storage if that’s what you need one for, but if you want some extra office space, or you need to expand your business, then why not try steel? It’s ideal for giving you additional room without breaking the bank and yes, we promise it can be just as warm, inviting, and comfortable as a traditionally built office would be.


It’s because of the optional extras DPL Steel Buildings can add for you. Things like PVCu double glazed windows to let the sunlight in and keep the cold out; things like flashing trims and weather seals to give the place a homely look, insulated panels (up to 120mm thick, and meeting all regulations) to keep the building heated, skylights, lean-tos, internal partitions, drip stops to prevent condensation from collecting, gables, extended eaves, and even mezzanine floors.

All of these items can make a regular steel building into a home away from home where you and your team can work productively and safely and – importantly – comfortably for as long as you need to.

Steel buildings can be cold, that’s true, but that’s perfect if you want to use them for cold storage (with additional refrigeration), or for general storage as you won’t be wasting money heating something that has no need to be heated. And not all steel buildings are great places to work, but again, if you need one to be, DPL can make that happen.

Steel buildings are cold (and sometimes heated), uncomfortable (unless you don’t want them to be), and great for storage, as well as having so many other uses you’ll be amazed you hadn’t considered one before!

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