Steel building repairs – how to keep your building in tip-top condition

Steel Building RepairsThere are many benefits associated with steel buildings – to mention just a few, they’re strong, durable, and flexible. With all that going for them, you might think all you have to do is put them up and then forget about them. However, while steel buildings might not require as much maintenance as some other types of building, they do still need to be looked after.

It’s a good idea to establish a schedule for maintenance. It doesn’t need to be too onerous – if you inspect the building a couple of times a year and clean the outside annually, that should do the trick.

What should I look out for in an inspection?

Do a walk-around both inside and out. Look for evidence of water penetration or damage, and for gaps , holes or other damage to the cladding.

Check that there are no issues with drainage. If there’s a tendency for the ground to get waterlogged in places, then make changes to address this. For example, check the drains are running away properly.

Keep records of when you carried out your inspections, what you found and what you did about it. These will prove increasingly useful when you look back to see when you last had a certain type of work done and who carried it out.

How do I clean my steel building?

Use a pressure washer, on a low setting, and a mild detergent. If you have a problem with, for example, fungus or mildew, a special cladding cleaner can be used, giving the cladding a new shine and protecting from re-contamination.

Keep on top of minor repairs

As well as your scheduled inspection, just keep an eye out generally for any small issues. Scratches, gaps or small holes should be dealt with as soon as you spot them. The longer things are left, the bigger the problem they can become. Water can find its way in through the smallest of openings, and strong winds and the heat of the sun can exacerbate damage.

Keep your steel building looking good

You might have a steel building that’s structurally sound and otherwise in good shape, but that is starting to look a bit tatty. Maybe the paint is peeling, or the existing cladding is past its best. That’s easily fixed. You can either give it a fresh coat of paint or re-clad it. If the existing cladding is in decent shape, but looking tired and dated, the chances are you can have it over-clad.

Of course, if you do choose to have your building re-clad or over-clad, you can also take the opportunity to add insulation, which will have an impact on your heating bills.

New steel cladding can transform tired, old buildings and make them look as good as new. You can incorporate your logo and dress your building in company colours, so it works to advertise your business. In addition, you can be confident that your newly clad building will be fully watertight and weatherproof.

Keep on top of repairs, cleaning and maintenance

As with everything else, keeping on top of repairs, cleaning and maintenance is better than waiting for something catastrophic to happen before you pay attention to it. With a little planning, keeping your steel building looking great and in tip-top condition is a breeze.

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