A highly efficient warehouse, erected by DPL Steel Buildings“We chose DPL as they are a local business and provided a comprehensive quote. DPL were very good throughout the design, planning and build process, I really couldn’t fault any of the staff including the people who came on site. Everyone onsite and in the office were very flexible when changes were required.

The overall package and finished building are exactly what we needed. The warehouse is a good size, finish and specification. The new warehouse enables us to hold more stock and is better organised, which is better for both us and our customers. I would be more than happy to recommend DPL as the product is good, the staff both in the office and onsite were very helpful and the timescales were met.”

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Robert Howard, Exchange Engineering, Grantham

Why did you choose DPL? “Because I had used them in the past on other projects.”

How helpful was DPL during the build process? “I have found DPL very helpful and very knowledgeable on steel buildings.”

What do you like about the finished build? “Everything was neat and tidy on the flashings and the building it’s self-blended in with surrounding buildings.”

Would you recommend DPL and if so, why? “Yes I would, the engineers they sent on site to erect the build needed very little input from myself from start to finish.”

Any further comments about this work? “This new building is part of a large project i am working on for a wash system for the food factory and we are now ready for the next stage, have visited site afterwards and the customer is very pleased with his new building.”

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Lindsay Arnold, Project Manager, Cobra Engineering, Lincolnshire

Retail steel building testimonialWith our business continuing to expand, we decided to upgrade our office space and extend our showroom to enhance the buying experience for our customers and provide an exceptional space for our staff to work.

We have a result we know we’ll be very happy with for years to come.”

Read the full case study here.

Chris Daynes, Mainline Mouldings, Langar, Nottinghamshire

grain storage steel building testimonialI approached DPL because they had done a good job on the original building a couple of years earlier … DPL offered me advice about the different options and arranged for me to look at another metal-based grain storage system they’d installed. I found it fascinating. It seemed to tick all the boxes and, talking to the farmer, they were very happy with it.”

Read the full case study here.

Jonathon Flint, Rutland

“Efficient, reliable and very conscientious”

Sarah Birch, Stonesby

Read the full case study here

Testimonial for maintenance free steel building“We initially found you on google and you were fairly local to us, this was one of the initial driving factors for us, the website spoke volumes for itself, and ticked all the boxes. Cost was also important for us. The fact that you have some buildings that we could come and have a look at was a prime thing; we weren’t just buying from a catalogue, we were able to see for ourselves that a) the building was substantial and b) it ticked lots of boxes for us, and you were quite happy to work with our contractor that did the base, so we had a good working relationship all round.

Maintenance free was the main feature that impressed us most, simply because schools have a legacy of operational cost, so the more we can do to reduce those costs in terms of ongoing maintenance means that we can focus more on directing it towards the children. This project is really a unique thing for a school to do, we had an opportunity with lottery funding, and some capital investment for the workshop and the base.

It means we can open up the school grounds and use it for a community focused workshop, come garden, come store going forward. The building will be used to help the children get outdoors and learn, they will able to grow vegetables, and use as a workshop for building scenery for school plays and from a health aspect it is good to get them outside in the fresh air learning where their food comes from and in future get food boxes out into the community.

We would absolutely recommend you to others, we have an all bursars email facility which helps us communicate with other bursars in the Northampton area and we will happily recommend you through that, from start to finish it’s been a good experience we are very happy with the service you provided, the workmen were great, and we are very, very happy with the end product we are now looking forward to some nice dry weather, to get the outside area tidied up and landscaped, it’s a bit of a frozen pudding around the building at the moment, but come the spring it will be fantastic.”

Claire Griffiths – School Business Manager – Henry Chichele Primary School – Higham Ferrers, Northampton

Testimonial storage facility steel building“When we were looking for a significant storage facility we searched nationwide, but when we became aware of DPL as a result of a third party recommendation, we were happy that you were local to us, which we judged would make you both cost effective and convenient.

DPL assisted us in the initial stages of the project, in particular providing measurements, loadings etc. required to design and construct the concrete slab – although at that stage we could not award the build contract to DPL, the trust you showed was both welcome and vital to assist us in our decision making process at this most crucial point.

From cradle to grave DPL held our hand, giving us advice and guidance throughout the project. When the concrete slab had been completed, DPL attended site in order to confirm its suitability, to ensure the erection process would go smoothly. As for the erection team, working right next to the first tee and eighteenth green, we had no complaints at all, which for a golf club and its members is quite remarkable!

The building itself is in a conservation area, adjacent to the road in a sensitive location – keeping the height of the building low, coupled with the olive green coloured sheets ensured that the building merged into its surroundings really well, suiting its countryside location.

We are very happy, as the whole process has been remarkably trouble and stress free – if you can get turned on by a shed, then we certainly are!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending DPL to anyone looking for this type of facility”

Keith McEwan – Committee Member Rothley Park Golf Club – Rothley, Leicestershire

Testimonial timeline steel building“When I originally was looking for a building, I searched the internet, I found you and as you were local it was good that we could come and see an example of the buildings. This was a real advantage to me as I could come and see the buildings first hand. It was good to see the structure and what we were getting. I was pleased with the timescales for getting quotes and drawings through, it was a defiantly was a big help to me.

It was easy to deal with Peter, and his communication with us was great. The delivery times were quick and the dates were met and the erectors arrived when we expected and completed when they said they would and didn’t leave any mess.

I would absolutely recommend you to anybody else, the whole process was very efficient, and professional from start to finish.

I will be looking for another building in the next couple of years and will defiantly be coming to you for it”

Rob Manship – Mechanics Workshop Rothley, Leicestershire

Testimonial portal frame design steel buildingI went online first to see what was available, and found your website, at first I was looking for a brick or timber building, but once I had decided to put a car lift in it, it was obvious that the steel framed building was the only real solution because the portal frame design means that there were no timber beams restricting height. This meant I could have a relatively low eaves height but still get the height required to get my car in.

I knew where I wanted to put the building and so marked out an area for it then went to speak to the local council, my only snag really from them was that I had to leave two meters from the edge of the road to the building- this meant I had to clear a few small trees to fit the building in!

After my first visit to see Peter, it was clear that the service you offer meant that I could come and get the building designed for me, just as I wanted it. It meant that I got a building which I think is perfect, superb.

I really like the clean, dry atmosphere I went for composite panel roof and single skin side sheets, I was then able to line the inside of the building myself with plywood and insulate it, this worked really well for me, I use a container to store some tools and equipment in, but I would never recommend that for the storage of vintage cars, because it is such a wet and cold environment.

The installation service you provided was excellent and I am really pleased with the finish to the concrete floor, which I am planning on painting in the future. The erection service was prompt and quick, it was completed in 1 ½ to 2 days.

The features that I am most pleased with is how it looks, I class it as an industrial type shed, but local residents have all said how good it looks, the contrast flashing was a last minute decision, but we are pleased we went for it. The inside of the roof is also good, it is bright and reflects the light well, and the open space makes it ideal when working on my cars

Now it is finished and I am using it, I am really pleased – there is nothing that I would have done differently.

Mr Parrott, Car workshop Melton Mowbray

Testimonial machinery steel building“I was involved in the planning of the building with DPL and thought I knew what to expect when the building arrived on site, however I was a little concerned when it arrived on site; it didn’t look like there would be enough bits to make the building- it was difficult to visualise when it is all on pallets. Once the frame went up I could see how it would all fit together.

The main thing we get from the building is that all the machinery can go in it under one roof and park everything up tidily, before it was in small buildings with leaking roofs that we struggled to get everything in- so I am highly delighted with the building.

When we have had snow and frost the building has stayed warm inside because of the insulated panels used for cladding. This has been of a big benefit to the working conditions for us.

I was impressed firstly by the team that came to dig the footings for the building through to the team that came to put it up, we had a good relationship. I was able to ask them on site if there was anything I was unsure of and also it worked the other way round, but generally we didn’t need to bother each other.

I am sat in the building now in perfect daylight, there are skylights in the roof and the interior walls are white and even though the lights have to go on sometimes it is still very bright.

I would recommend you without a doubt. I have been hoping for this building since I started here as head green keeper in 1992, but it has been worth the wait, I can’t enthuse about it enough it is just amazing- it really is amazing.

We had an opening night here last night and we were discussing the building – with the way the machinery always gets bigger we may even need to extend in the future!”

Francis Kempster, Head Green keeper Glenn Gorse Golf Club

Testimonial professional looking steel building“From the initial quote everything was very professional looking, we received a proper quote from you, other companies just sent there price on email with no detail. Your quote was easy to understand so I was comfortable that there was not going to be any hidden costs when it came to ordering as price was important to us

We wanted a company that we could trust to come in and take care of the building. We had a tight deadline to get the building completed and the dates that you set out were not only met but were even slightly better

The report we had back from the site was very good and our client was happy, we thought there may be problems on site because it was close to a boundary fence, but the erectors came and were very proactive to get it completed, the snagging issues that we had with the personnel door were put right very quickly by yourselves”

Stephen Pester, County Cabins Southampton

Testimonial pexcellent service steel building“When taking on a new contractor we considered price, but it was also important to know we were dealing with a reputable company and hearing from some of their previous customers allayed our fears. I was impressed that you do what you say when you say you will do it.

I also liked your bond scheme with the bank, which meant that we didn’t have any financial risks. The quality of the building is better than expected and the staff had a very helpful attitude, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Thank you for your excellent service”.

Roger Murfin – Head of Services Students Maintenance workshop – Wilsthorpe Community School – Long Eaton

Testimonial straight forward steel building“Having looked round for a company to add a storage building to our newly built headquarters, we found DPL Steel Buildings on the internet. They turned out to be not only very competitive but also reasonably close to us, which we considered to be an advantage, as we were aware this build wasn’t completely straight forward.

The lads that erected the building were very obliging and willing to work with us to complete the job. We were also very impressed by the speed at which they erected the building. They turned out to be not only very competitive but also reasonably close to us, which we considered to be an advantage, as we were aware this build wasn’t completely straight forward.

We did have a problem with rain water running off the new building leaking through the gutter of the old building. On contacting DPL they responded quickly and without hesitation they solved the problem.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending DPL to anyone considering them for their own project”

Keith Vincent – Project leader and Assistant Group Scout Leader 3rd Nene Scout Group New headquarters – Peterborough

Testimonial trustworthy steel building“We have used DPL for many years and they have carried out all our building repairs for the past 10 years so when we were looking for a new building to house our straw stock it was their reputation that made us choose them again. We also went with DPL because they are trustworthy. We know that they leave a clean and tidy site and are local and easy to get hold of.

We are very happy to recommend you and have already given your name to someone looking for a building.

The building was needed for straw storage because it is so expensive it needs to be kept dry, the building was carried out efficiently and you also took care of a couple of small repairs for me at the same time.”

Robert Spencer – GH Spencer and Son Farm building for straw storage – Thorpe Arnold, Melton Mowbray 8 April 2014

“The village hall has been a project that has been in the pipeline for many years and is still ongoing as they get the funding they require.

The existing hall was a portal frame building, the contractors/builders who originally erected it were no longer in the area to put on the extension. When we started looking for someone to carry out the extension we were looking for a company capable of matching up to the original building. DPL came out to survey the job and were very willing and capable and met our needs and requirements.

DPL were able to supply what we needed and were very prompt, they conformed to our timescale and to the detail and specification that we required.

With the finance and the deadline we had DPL were able to meet our needs, other quotes we had said that their prices may increase, we went with DPL because they quoted a price in writing and stuck to that price.

We would be very happy to recommend DPL to anybody and are willing to let other people come to see the work carried out, we were very happy with the workmen who were willing to put in a good days work.”

Mr Michael Murphy – Village hall extention South Kilworth parish council

Testimonial family owned and run business steel building“When we decided to expand our farm we had no hesitation about using DPL, we had known them for a long time and trusted them to do a good job. We knew we were dealing with a family owned and run business – they were only a phone call away.

We liked the fact that we were able to alter the building specification to achieve what we wanted in the final building. We were also impressed that the site was always left tidy apart from the odd discarded tea bag! The off-cuts of tin and sheeting were cleared up every night.

Being a small local family firm, we knew we could get hold of you if we needed to.

Myself and my son Edward would gladly recommend you in the future, in fact we are already thinking about asking you to extend this building next summer.”

Jones and Sons – Sheep and cattle building Manor Farm, Thedingworth


‘Overall very pleased with service, including taking care of planning application’


‘Helpful from planning to completion’


‘Have already told somebody how good you are, hopefully they will be asking for a quote from you.’

J.E. Jones

‘Very Helpful’


‘Good quality, reliable firm. Thank you for the pie, that was a lovely surprise.’

Richard Morris

‘Very good so long as you know what your requirement and spec is.’


‘Nice people to deal with, they can be relied upon to deliver a quality product on time and at the agreed price. There were a few problems as with all projects but at no point in the process did I feel DPL wouldn’t deliver’



Alfreton Golf

‘Good quality, price competitive, good company to deal with. Really pleased with the building – just wondering where we can put another one.’

Waterways Aquatics

‘Excellent, made to measure and exactly what I was looking for. Took me through the process carefully with no rush.’


‘Very happy from start to completion, I would have them again.’

Melton Building Supplies

‘I came to you via a recommendation, the guys on site perservered on what was a challenging job at times re-erecting a 7 year old building. All ok and thank you very much for the pork pie – much appreciated.’


‘Friendly, adaptable and thorough wih dependable service’


‘Had good advice from the start and was able to meet with company representative on a Saturday. Job was completed with no problems and nice level of finish.’


‘Good service from a very good company’

Ball Trucking

‘Do what you say you are going to do and easy to deal with.’

Rutland Building Services

‘Highly efficient and communicative at all levels’


‘Very Helpful and professional at all times’


‘A good reliable business to deal with’


‘Spot on!’

Oakham Tyres

‘Very good buildings’

Walton Farms

‘Efficient, reliable and very conscientious’


‘100% happy with the work and attitude of your workforce. Great lot! Good job thank you.’

Barry Pook

‘I must say what a terrific job your company has done. …the labourers were first rate. I would be very pleased to provide a recommendation on the entire project.’

Lincoln Scouts

‘When we decided to expand we had no hesitation about using DPL. We have known them a long time and trusted to do a good job.’

Jones & Sons

‘We are very happy to recommend you and have already given your name to someone.’

GH Spencer & Son

‘Thanks for getting my roller door repaired the same day I phoned you.’

Paul Peasgood

‘From cradle to grave DPL held our hand, giving us advice and guidance throughout the project.’

Rothley Golf Club

‘Excellent. Made to measure. Exactly what I was looking for. Took me through the process carefully with no rush.’


‘Friendly, adaptable and thorough with dependable service’


‘I came to you via a recommendation. The guys on site perservered on what was a challenging job at times re-erecting a 7 year old building.’


‘Efficient, reliable and very concientious ‘

Cov. Birch

‘Good service from a very good company’

Ball Trucking

‘Very helpful and professional at all times.’


‘A good reliable business to deal with ‘

Brian Naylor

‘Had good advice from start, was able to meet with a company representative on a Saturday. Job was completed no problems, nice level of finish. ‘

Dean Austin

‘All the guys from DPL involved in our project from start to finish including the office staff were always very helpful. As this was one of our clients it was very important to us how we were represented on site and I am pleased to say that DPL behaved impeccably. ‘


‘Extremely high standard. DPL workforce friendly, experienced tidy and know their job. ‘


‘Brilliant – worth getting a quote from – very impressed – hiccups sorted with no issues!!’

RC Moss

‘Good value for money. Turned up and did the job without any fuss.’


‘Good local firm, done on time as we were in a rush!! To good standard, not the cheapest but good.’

Gates Garden Centre

‘Work is done safely and correctly and always leave a tidy site.’

Charles Harding

‘This is a firm I would recommend and be very likley to use again.’

Colin Musson

‘Excellent build quality and nice & friendly’

Cobra Enineering

‘DPL are very competent and have a great understanding of finding the best solution for a clients requirements’

JC Engineering

‘Reliable & Efficient. Nice people to deal with.’

Exchange Engineering

‘Very good’

Mick Watchorn

‘Prompt, efficient quality service with good communication at all levels’


‘Very pleased, would recommend’


‘Not the cheapest but a high quality job carried out be a professional hardworking team.’

Howard Birch

‘Excellent advice and assistance. Kept informed and updated regularly. Very sociable team working to a high standard, the building completed exactly as requested. Super Job! ‘

Frances Harvey