Why schools love a steel building

Why Schools Love a Steel BuildingSchools have to really look after their budgets – whether private or state, there is only so much money to go around each academic year, and once it’s gone, it’s gone – and most of the money has to go on education (of course). That means the school buildings themselves are often left to the bottom of the list when it comes to working out financials, and that in turn means that although the books, computers, and tablets might be top of the range, the school itself is crumbling.

On occasion, literally.

The budget just won’t stretch to a brand new building.

Neither will the budget stretch to an extension. Schools are having to accommodate increasing numbers of children, but without the extra money needed to extend the school, to add more classrooms, to give everyone a little more space, it’s a tight squeeze both in terms of money and room.

What to do?

This is why schools love a steel building. Or more than one, if the need calls for it.

By installing a steel building rather than building a new one from the ground up – or even repairing an older one – there is a cost saving of up to 50%, which will make the governors very happy indeed. Steel buildings for use in schools are flexible (need a lab? A cloakroom? A classroom? A gym store? A steel building could be any of those things, and more), quickly built (so your money goes further and the children can be settled more quickly), low maintenance (more cost savings!), and, with added insulation, windows, and heating, they can be comfortable, cosy places to learn.

And if it’s the look of a steel building that is cause for concern, don’t worry. No longer does a steel building have to have the look of a prefab about it. Now it can blend in with the rest of the school, making it look as though it was definitely meant to be. Fully customisable, totally bespoke, yet money saving in terms of the school’s budget, steel buildings really are the best choice when you need to expand.

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