A new agricultural steel building

The brief

A new steel building for agricultural use was required by Mr Covington of Stonesby. An area of farmland was available where suitable access could be constructed.

The building’s primary use was grain storage, but also needed to accommodate storage of other commodities and some machinery. It was important that the building was adaptable to the changing needs of this busy working farm, ensuring it worked for the business long-term.

The requirement for a new access driveway and entrance from the road was a concern for our client, as the building was to be erected on a green field site – something our experts advised on.

  • New agricultural steel building wide view

The concept

A limestone hardcore access road was suggested by our team. It allowed for access by tractor and other vehicles on a low volume basis. Consideration was given to drainage, water from the road way would drain into the field or pass through the stone.

A loading and unloading area was built, this provides a turning point for vehicles and flexible access to the front of the building. This was an important consideration, as the use of the building may change overtime.

In addition to the loading area, a 3m border around the perimeter was constructed from the same limestone material. In addition to the good aesthetic finish, it has practical advantages too.

Maintenance of guttering is simplified as it provides safer hard standing for ladders or a scaffold tower, it also helps to keep weeds at bay.

A single skin, olive green steel cladding was fitted to be in keeping with the agricultural environment.

A fibre cement roof cladding was used. This helps to prevent condensation inside the building – essential for the storage of perishable goods.

Skylights were also installed to maximise the natural light. Due to its location, the building does not have a power supply, so this was an important factor.

The building was completed with a concrete floor slab. The floor was finished with a power float to provide a very smooth finish. This allows it to be swept easily. Another advantage of using this finish is the surface of the concrete is hardened, sealing it to stop dusting and damage to the surface.

The conclusion

The steel building provides a very low maintenance, adaptable storage area for many agricultural uses. The materials used for cladding and the quality of the galvanised steel frame means that it will last over 50 years. The versatility of the building ensures its owners will get maximum value from their investment. Large doorway access allows for machinery access, high eaves will accommodate tipping from large trailers. The large open space means that different farm machinery and products can be stored with easy access.

“Efficient, reliable and very conscientious”
Sarah Birch, Stonesby

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