Mills Agricultural Steel Building


An extension to the existing building was required to accommodate agricultural plant and machinery and provide shelter for sheep and lambs. The existing building as built by us in December 2014.

  • Agricultural Steel Shed Rear View


A lean-to design was seen to be the most practical and cost-effective building design, this could be attached to the existing building, and use the existing columns and concrete side walls, by putting on a shallower pitched roof, this maximised the roof height.

The ground levels around the existing building where generally higher than the finish floor level of the building, as the levels were reduced to accommodate the first building. This meant that the ground would require to be lowered where the new building is, and a retaining wall to hold back the higher ground

The access into the building was through a sheeted gate/door which had split upper and lower leaves, which on a day to day basis makes it easier to open. When machinery is required in the building the top doors can be opened.

The roof material used was fibre cement which suits this type of building, as there is no condensation and it is non-corrosive. The sides used Yorkshire/hit and miss boarding to allow air movement through the building. Concrete panels were used on the side below the vertical boarding to give an easy to maintain wall that doesn’t get damaged easily, is strong and can be cleaned.

We carried out the complete project; excavating the site, building the retaining wall, setting the footings, erecting the building and providing a concrete floor with a hand trowel finish suitable for sheep and machinery. When complete we fitted portable sheep enclosures that would allow them to pen the sheep and lambs.

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