Investing in heating, biogas systems or boiler rooms?

Investing in heating, biogas systems or boiler rooms?

Steel buildings make ideal plant and boiler rooms

If you are about to invest money into renewable energy boiler systems and new energy efficient systems, you want to make sure that all the equipment is safe, dry and well ventilated, a steel building will perform very well and our team will ensure it is quick and easy to install.

Our design team will draw it to suit the sizes required depending on the plant and equipment that is going into the building, we can allow for walkways and work areas as required.

A steel building is an ideal boiler room where boilers and calorifiers can be housed without any problems. It can also be used as a plant room for housing cold water storage tanks, or a control room for a security centre or operations centre. Whatever the name – utility building, biogas boiler room, mechanical room, service area – the needs are going to be very similar. And that’s why a steel building is such a flexible way of catering to each requirement that this kind of special room needs. It’s about ensuring that your expensive equipment is kept safe, and that people are kept safe from expensive equipment!

The nature of the equipment going into these buildings mean that there are often a lot of pipes coming through the side walls of the building, allowances can easily be made in the side cladding, to allow for these penetrations.

Rooms such as plant rooms and boiler rooms need to be ventilated, and our steel buildings can easily have ventilation built into them. This can be included early in the design stage, to include perforated side cladding and louvre vents both options allowing for good air flow, ensuring that everything is safe. Not only this, but any internal equipment that needs to be incorporated into the room (utility building, boilers, calorifers, cold water storage tanks, header tanks and the like) can be designed into the project.

Another bonus is the simple design of a steel building. It can be erected quickly and without fuss to ensure that your expensive, important equipment is protected straight away.

The doors to a steel building are completely secure, meaning that you can lock the boiler room and leave safe in the knowledge that anyone who shouldn’t be there – won’t be able to explore inside.

All in all, steel buildings are cost effective, quick to install, and completely flexible. They are the perfect boiler room or plant room for your building.

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