Introducing DPL Steel Buildings


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Industrial and commercial steel buildings

Designed to last longer, look better and work harder

Need more space for a growing business or planning to replace a building that’s past its prime? Get the quality, cost efficiency and reassurance you need from DPL. We’ve built hundreds of buildings for industrial and commercial use.

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Storage and warehouse buildings

Cost efficient and designed for you

With DPL, you’ll get a smart, durable storage/warehouse building for a cost efficient price – along with this reassurance: that the price we quote before we start is the price you pay – with no hidden extras later on.

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Agricultural buildings

The space you need on your farm, quickly and cost effectively

How do we make sure you get the building you want and need for the most cost effective price? Because we design your farm building precisely for you. Then we back it up with a service that does everything for you, so you can focus on running your farm.

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Workshops and machinery storage

What building do you need?

Get the workshop or machinery store you want, quickly and more cost efficiently with DPL.

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Repairs and refurbishment

Looking to adapt, repair or refurbish a building?

Our steel cladding team can help transform your tired, old building to a fully watertight and attractive unit again – one that can work hard for your business and that you can be proud of.

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Steel building price guide

Get your guide to getting an accurate steel building cost

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