How a steel framed building can support your business growth

steel framed building supporting business growth

Two of the main advantages of a steel framed building is that it is cost-effective and quick to construct.

When your business reaches the stage where it needs more space, a steel framed building offers an ideal solution. You can also build in additional capacity that you expand into.

When you start a business, you rarely need as much space as you will once it has taken off and started to expand and grow. For many businesses, that means either paying for more space than they need at the outset – expensive, in traditional constructions, and at a time when every penny counts – or facing the prospect of having to uproot everything and move to larger premises once things take off, with all the disruption and expense that entails.

But what if your premises could grow with your business? What if, as you anticipated the need for an extra office, manufacturing or storage space, you could arrange for that, onsite, with minimum disruption? With a steel framed building, you can.

Two of the main advantages of a steel framed building is that it is cost-effective and quick to construct. That gives you enormous flexibility and control. You can quickly increase the size of your premises as and when new space is needed, no matter what type of space that might be. Of course, any change in use or increase in footprint may require planning consent, but our experts can help you with that.

Even the best-organised business move has a cost attached, in terms of both time and money. You also lose your established business address – at the very least, your post is likely to be disrupted as suppliers and customers get round to changing their records. And while your new premises might mean a shorter commute for some staff, it will mean a longer journey for others. They’ll grumble about that, and you could lose some key people. On-site expansion avoids the issue.

Of course, if you have no alternative than to move to new premises the first time expansion demands more space, you can always make a smart move so that future expansion can take advantage of the flexibility steel framed buildings offer. Start by ensuring your new steel framed building allows for the next stage of growth. After that, provided you have space on site and subject to planning approval, you can expand quickly and cost-effectively, as required.

The majority of businesses aim to expand, to increase sales and profits and to become the optimum size for what they do. Steel framed buildings offer fast-build solutions that allow you to increase production capacity, meet additional storage requirements or add additional office space for staff, as the business grows. They’re a very neat solution to a problem that is nice to have.

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