Hot vs cold rolled steel buildings?

Cold Rolled

Cold rolled steel is more economical than hot rolled steel, due to the amount of steel used. The cold rolled steel will come to you with a galvanised finish to protect it from rust. You won’t need to apply any further treatments.

Your cold rolled section within the building have a warranty of up to 10 years, but will last for up to 30 years

Cold rolled also means the light weight structure is easier to install on site, reducing construction time.

Cold rolled buildings are ideal for workshops, storage buildings, industrial units, car show rooms where the structure is not asked to perform any other function.

Hot Rolled

Hot rolled steel buildings are manufactured with many different weights of steel from 13 kg/m to 388 kg/m depending on its use. This steel is usually shot blasted and painted or galvanised to prevent rusting and prolong life.

Hot rolled buildings will last for a minimum of 40 – 60 years so you’ll get plenty of use from your building.

Hot rolled buildings are ideal for farm buildings and heavy industry where the frame may have loadings against the side walls or gantry cranes are used.

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