How easy is it to extend steel framed buildings in the UK?

Extend Steel Framed Buildings

Simple Steel Framed Building Extensions

Let’s start with the good news. It is straightforward to extend steel framed buildings and one of the key benefits of having one in the first place. Expanding a steel building can help to increase productivity and profitability and is something that can be bolted on at a later date to the original build. Steel is an excellent choice for a growing business as it is less expensive as well as being expandable.

When extending steel framed buildings remember to consider the strength of the structure and whether the gable frame was built for expansion originally. Before you do anything to develop your building, make sure that you check the status of the building codes to make sure they haven’t changed since the building was put up or ask one of our experts to advise you.

There are different ways to expand steel frame buildings, and in this blog, we’re taking a look at them.


Adding a basic lean-to is a simple and cost-effective way to make a building wider. You can add more bays this way, depending on the height of the roof line.

Gable frame extension

There are different ways that the gable frame of a building can be extended and can depend on the structure of the existing building and how the building will be used. It is likely that new building extension will have a different construction; we often advise that the new building is built as a standalone building, to current regulations and then made to look in keeping with the existing.

Side-by-side expansion

It is also possible to add a new building to the side of the existing one, where a wall is shared between two gabled roofs. Care needs to be taken that the new steel building isn’t much sturdier than the old one, which may cause it to collapse. Snow loadings are essential to be considered here also, as snow can drift in the valley causing immense weight and pressure on the building. The gutter is also a consideration here to ensure that it can cope with the extra water from two roofs.

Adding another level

It is also possible to add a second story to a building, which is often the solution when it’s not possible to expand outwards. For this, it is usually best to put in a standalone mezzanine floor, as the existing building is unlikely to have been designed strong enough to take an extra level.

For more information about expanding industrial steel buildings, steel commercial building or steel building planning permission, please contact our experts now.

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