Double span steel building

The brief

A large double span steel building was required for one of the UK’s largest flowers and bulbs suppliers. The building is used for the packing, sorting and storage of bulbs.

  • Double span steel building

The concept

The building is cited on a green field site. We advised on footings, groundwork and the concrete floor. We also built a concrete access road and apron to the front of the building.

The solution

To achieve the floor area required for this project, the best economic solution was a double span steel building. This means that there are columns down the centre of the two spans with a valley gutter, this reduces steel cost. The columns down the centre of the building do not impact on the storage and distribution of the boxes of bulbs.

The bulbs are protected from the harsh weather by the large double span roof, but the open sides allow the air to circulate to provide natural conditions.

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