Commercial steel buildings – they’re not just for storage

they're not just for storageAccording to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘commerce’ is: ‘The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale’. Accordingly, the term ‘commercial buildings’ covers a wide range of different types of premises, from offices and shops to warehouses and factories. And commercial steel buildings offer the most versatility of all.

The beauty of a steel building is the range of benefits it confers, especially when compared with traditional bricks and mortar construction. First up is the speed of construction. A steel frame building can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional structure. Then there’s the sheer versatility it offers. The interior dividing walls can be placed to suit your needs, then the interior can be fitted out in whatever way you choose. You can also easily make changes, if the needs of the business change. Additional doors and windows, extensions, redesigning the internal layout – all this and more is facilitated if you have a steel frame building. In fact, if you can imagine it, the chances are you can have it built – and with a durable steel frame.

Don’t think of a commercial steel building as being a glorified shed – nothing could be further from the truth. These are versatile structures, simple in form but sophisticated in design. You can have multiple storeys, mixed usage buildings, elaborate cladding, impressive landscaping … and all completed far quicker than if the building was constructed from bricks and mortar.

The types of steel frame buildings you can expect to find include farm buildings, warehouses and storage units, but also retail units, shopping malls, offices and schools. Steel frame buildings are even used as residential homes – and when you think of the effect lying on a waterlogged building site for a few weeks will have on a timber frame, you can see the attraction of steel!

That leads us on to another benefit. A great deal of the manufacturing of a steel frame building can be carried out off-site, in factory conditions. It’s a precision job, after all. And it means that your timescales for construction are less affected by the vagaries of the weather. It can rain all it likes – your building will still be being created, ready for a speedy construction when the weather allows.

If you are looking for new premises, be sure to check out commercial steel buildings. They’re versatile, adaptable and cost-effective. And they really are for far more than storage!

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