Steel building for cattle

The brief

To establish a new steel building for cattle, to house loose bedded cattle. This would be an extension and modernisation to the existing setup, with the potential to develop a new milking parlour in the future.

  • Steel building for cattle centering column pedestal

The concept

The first stage was to help get the project through the planning process.

We also helped locate the building on the green field site, which needed to be away from the fishing lakes, but close to the existing farm.

Access to the building was carefully considered in terms of lorry access for deliveries, and the daily operation of feeding and mucking out. Also, we considered the way the Jersey dairy herd would be moved from the field or milking parlour to the building.

Other important factors were having a well-ventilated building with lots of natural light, designed for easy management.

The solution

The build was planned to include a lagoon for the slurry, storm drains, electrics for lighting and power, water system for cattle troughs, a muck store area as well as gates and barriers.

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